Lead Scoring Your Best Prospects In LoopFuse

March 11th, 2011 by Don Dalrymple

You can learn about how lead scoring works in an article at our AscendWorks blog.  This powerful Loopfuse feature introduces the element of quantifying buyer behaviors.  You can use Loopfuse to measure:

  • Downloads
  • Visits
  • Clicks
  • Opens
  • Completed Forms

among the options that can be measured.  In our Loopfuse consulting, this is a key part of the campaigns we develop with our customers.  In and of itself, this feature set is inept.  It takes marketing automation strategy to power effective lead scoring.  The decision tree and triggers you desire from an inbound marketing buyer who engages your content needs to be mapped out.

Sales Engagement From Loopfuse

At some point, your marketing automation campaign becomes integral to sales engagement.  Loopfuse reports includes the Top 100 Visitors Score as well as Scored Opportunities.  In the early stages of your campaigns, you can use these to further calibrate your metrics as part of a sensitivity analysis.  After your campaigns are dialed in, the reports prove valuable to help your sales team take action with the most relevant leads.  These are the prospects which engage the processes built inside of your Loopfuse system.

Loopfuse Consulting Best Practices

In our consulting, the design of an effective marketing automation campaign facilitates tasks in the CRM for sales users.  This is the tactical piece which helps a salsperson rely on Loopfuse to ready a new buyer.

A marketer benefits from seeing the what is driving scores and how to continually tune the content or logic within the marketing automation system.

What was once invisible is now visible and relevant for the timing of your engagement and follow-up.

You can learn about the details of how we further implement lead scoring at our blog here.

What would you do with your top measured buyers?

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