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Lead Scoring

Lead Scoring – Qualified Leads Make Happy Salespeople

  • Wizard-Based lead scoring rule creator.
  • Choose from multiple rules to apply to your prospects.
  • CRM-Integrated lead scoring and grading profiles.
  • Lead Grading system designed for Sales enablement.
  • Analyze and segment top-scoring Leads for targeting.

CRM Integration

Keep your sales personnel up-to-date with frequently-updated score and grade information inserted in to your CRM for Leads and Contacts.

Identify Quality Leads

Identify high-quality Leads automatically, by automated measuring of prospect activity across all marketing touchpoints.

Score, then Nurture

Leverage your Lead scores within your Lead Nurturing programs, for an enhanced Lead Nurturing process, targeting high or low quality leads.

Applying Grades to Scores
LoopFuse OneView extends the traditional Lead Scoring process, by allowing customers to apply Grades to Score-Ranges. Grades make it easier for Sales personnel to understand the quality of a Lead within their CRM, as they are not point-based and can be defined as descriptive text.

CRM Grade and Score Integration
Automated Grade and Score inserting and updating of a particular Lead or Contact record within your CRM enables Sales personnel to always have the latest lead qualification data at their fingertips.

Powerful Reporting
Analyze and segment your highest-quality Leads with easy-to-use reporting tools. Segment your lowest-quality Leads for additional nurturing or targeting of email campaigns.

Wizard-Based Scoring Rule Creator
Three-Step Scoring Rule Wizard allows you to create lead scoring rules within minutes that can be applied to your entire database.

Multiple Rules to Choose From
Lead scoring rules can be applied toward many different criteria; email campaign opens, link clicking, specific web pages or files downloaded, and specific information entered in Lead Capture forms.

Enhanced Lead Nurturing through Scoring
Leverage Scores applied to your prospects within your Lead Nurturing programs. The leveraging of scores within Lead Nurturing programs enables your programs to better-tailor their messaging to high or low value prospects.