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Create a Leads by Score report in to prioritize sales efforts

Monday, March 11th, 2013

There are many benefits that come from a fully deployed marketing automaton system including a better, more informed view of prospects and their activities.

This can all be summarized into a lead score that is a quantitative measure of how engaged (or not) a prospect is and, by extension, how ready they are for sales engagement.  Lead scoring doesn’t have to be complex as a few simple scoring rules will allow the best opportunities to rise the top.

Here is a quick “how to” on setting up lead scoring in LoopFuse.  You can choose a variety of criteria to score on from what pages are viewed to what information was submitted via a landing page to open/click activities in your email campaigns.  The thing to remember is that you have the ability to segment and refine prospect engagement based on their actions and information.

Once your scoring is set up, your sales team can then use the scoring to prioritize their efforts and gain some additional insight into where a particular prospect is in the buying cycle.

We suggest creating a “Leads by Score” report in with the following column headings:

Once this is set up, LoopFuse will continually update the “Last Activity”, “Grade”, and “Score” fields so you can sort and prioritize sales outreach efforts.

Let us know if you’d like some assistance getting this report set up in  We’re happy to help!

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Connect the dots to get the big picture of your prospects

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

One of the best diagnostic tools available within the OneView product is the ability to see Prospect Events. This gives you an overview of the history for any given prospect and lets you see the history of their interactions with your marketing automation process. Use the filters to see what information is most relevant to your current interests for that prospect. I use it every day when helping customers track down questions they may have like “Why didn’t this lead flow work as expected?” or “How did this prospect end up on this list?


3 Things You Can Do Right Now to Increase Customer Acquisition Rates

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011
  1. Sign up for a LoopFuse marketing automation trial account
  2. Create a editorial content calendar as part of your content marketing plan
  3. Implement the content in a lead flow with LoopFuse!

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Double your close rate by adding lead scoring

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

There are lots of different things you can do with a marketing automation platform but one that will have the most immediate impact on the quality of leads being delivered to sales and the close rates once they are handed off is lead scoring.

4 Lead Assignment Tips for + LoopFuse

Friday, November 4th, 2011

This is guest post by Don Dalrymple, President, AscendWorks

If you have an abundance of leads from your inbound marketing system, then qualification becomes a challenge.  Your Loopfuse system should be set up for positioning your sales team to qualify and convert leads based on various criteria which are part of your Lead records.

Part of the challenge is to ensure that the flow of your Leads drives responsiveness from your sales team.  Your Lead Flows and Lead Scoring will be working in tandem to prepare a prospect for the sales engagement. (more…)

3 Steps to Preparing Your Organization for Marketing Automation and How Sales Plays a Role

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

It may be called marketing automation, but be careful not to leave sales out of the equation, especially during the planning stage prior to implementing a marketing automation solution. Below are three processes that sales and marketing should collectively establish to achieve the greatest possible return on investment from marketing automation. (more…)