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Lead Nurturing

Lead Nurturing – The Marketing Auto Pilot

  • Wizard-Based Lead Nurturing Program creation.
  • Over 20 customizable Lead Nurturing steps.
  • Real-Time CRM interaction.
  • Import Lists and Nurture them in minutes.
  • Comprehensive Reporting across your Programs.

Infinite Flexibility

A wide variety of Lead Nurturing conditions and activities, enables you to have as fine-grained and complete control over the entire nurturing process.

CRM Interactivity

Make real-time calls to your CRM using a variety of different conditions and actions, that ensure your Lead Nurturing programs are always using the latest data.

Program Analytics

Measure and track every Lead and their progress through your Lead Nurturing programs, down to the most minute details.

Unmatched Options in the Industry
LoopFuse OneView’s revolutionary Lead Nurturing system remains unmatched in the Marketing Automation industry due to it’s unrivaled flexbility and myriad of options available to marketers. Leveraging every part of the system, and every piece of data for a specific Lead, our Lead Nurturing Programs provide a marketer with the most flexible and configurable system on the market.

Live CRM Interactions
Unseen in the industry until now, we’ve created a Lead Nurturing system that makes real-time queries to your CRM. That is why you can rest assured that any change of status or CRM Record fields by a sales rep, will be reflected within the Lead Nurturing program immediately.

List Re-Use
Use your pre-segment Lists, created with our Lead Management system to process highly-target groups of Leads or prospects.

Lead Nurturing via Scoring
Leverage the score auto-assigned to your prospects via our Lead Scoring system within your nurturing programs. This method allows you to identify high or low quality Leads instantaneously and market to them appropriately.

Wizard-Based Program Creator
Whether you’re creating or updating a Lead Nurturing program, our innovative hierarchical view of your Program, gives you a top-down view in to how specific Leads will filter through the program. Using a wizard-based template-driven system, any marketer can create and launch Lead Nurturing programs in minutes.

Lead Nurturing Reporting Tools
Track the performance of your Lead Nuturing programs, using our powerful Reporting tools. Our Lead Nurturing reporting tools enable you to drill-down in to specific Leads and examine how they filtered through your program. Additionally, you are able to identify specific sections of your Lead Nurturing programs that are leading to high or low conversion rates.

Leads immediately and automatically enter a Lead Nurturing program as they fill out your Lead Capture forms, so Lead Nurturing programs are always active, funneling and qualifying Leads 24/7.

Leveraging Trackable Emails
Using your email campaign messages within a Lead Nurturing program, helps you build awareness and customize messages sent to customer, prospects, and Leads. By use of your current email content within the system, messages can also be personalized with recipient information and even signed by the assigned Lead Owner in your CRM. What’s best, is that all email activity is trackable and will provide you with rich email analytics reports on the behavior of your email messages and Lead Nurturing programs.