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Lead Management

Lead Management – Splice, Dice and Market To Your Leads

  • Import your Leads straight from your CRM.
  • Supports uploading of large lists via CSV Format.
  • Segment your database based on Lead information.
  • Segment your data for better lead management.
  • Easily segment your Leads based on website activity.
  • Export segmented lists for use in other systems.

Advanced Segmentation

Segment your Lead database, using our easy-to-use segmentation wizard, based on a wide variety of different criteria.

CRM Importing

Import your Leads and Contacts directly from your CRM, allowing you to segment and market to them more effectively within a Marketing Automation platform.

List Targeting

Leverage your segmented lists by targeting specific customers and Leads with email campaigns and nurturing programs that run fully-automated.

CRM Synchronization
LoopFuse OneView actively pulls current Leads and Contacts from your CRM account, keeping your database up-to-date with the latest Lead and Contact data, so your campaigns are always using the latest data your Sales reps may have entered.

Upload your Lists
Chances are you already have a Lead or Customer database. Uploading is a snap, with a simple wizard-based upload process designed with speed and efficiency in mind. Uploading tens-of-thousands of records in minutes, allows you to begin marketing to them almost immediately.

Data Segmentation
Powerful tools enable you to splice and dice your Lead database using a wide variety of different criteria; from Contact Information to Web Pages and file downloaded.

List Re-Use
Re-Use your lists across the entire system. LoopFuse OneView is a list-centric lead management system, in that you are able to re-use lists across Email Campaigns and Lead Nurturing programs.