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Lead Capture

Lead Capture – Seamless Integration

  • Wizard-based form-creator.
  • Capture leads for nurturing and emailing.
  • Real-Time sales alerts on captured prospects.
  • Wizard-based mapping of fields with your CRM.
  • Send Auto-Response emails to subscribers.
  • Analyze conversion rates with powerful reporting.

CRM Routing

Automated routing process allows you to have new Leads and updated Lead information in your CRM Sales funnel instantly inserted.

Conversion Analytics

Analyze conversion rates across all of your Lead Capture forms in details or in aggregate, so you can identify high-valued web forms.

Real-Time Funneling

Lead Capture registrants enter your Lead Nurturing programs instantly, automating the process of qualifying incoming Leads.

Integrate Existing Web Forms
Our wizard-based Lead Capture Form Creator retrieves your current Web Form information for a seamless and easy-to-use integration process with your existing forms.

Pre-Defined Outcomes
Customize the reponse page sent to the user, once they have completed submitting a Lead Capture form. Alternatively, you can have us send the submitted information back to you, so you can store it in your own marketing database.

Wizard-Based Form Creator
Whether you’re creating a form from scratch or integrating an existing form, our 3-step wizard will have you fully-integrated within minutes. Heck, we’ll even give you the HTML you need to change. No PhD required.

Auto-Response Emails
Automatically respond to form registrants with a personalized email message using their own contact information. You can then track the performance of these emails, using our powerful reporting tools.

Instant CRM Activity Updates
As prospects fill out forms, we’ll take care of updating their Lead records in your CRM with Lead Capture information. Instantly. Yes, we said Instantly.

Instant CRM Lead Creation
Our Lead Capture forms will automatically route your registrants and their information to your CRM, creating a new Lead or updating contact information if he/she already exists, thus ensuring your CRM information is always current.

Powerful Reporting Analytics
Analyze every form on your site and measure conversion rates in detail or in aggregate, allowing you to identify which are the high-value Lead Capture forms on your web properties.

Automatic Lead Nurturing Processes
Automatically trigger Lead Nurturing programs through our Marketing Automation enabled Lead Capture forms. As prospects come in, we will automatically route them to the desired Lead Nurturing program.

Real-Time Sales Alerts
Keep your sales personnel active with automatic emails sent to them when a prospect fills out a lead capture form.