Is Lead Nurturing for Everyone?

February 2nd, 2011 by Sean Dwyer

Following up from my post earlier this week, Implementing Lead Nurturing – A Practitioner’s Perspective, we are on to the next Q&A with Andy Ellicott, a B2B marketing expert for several early-stage B2B software companies including Vertica, VoltDB, and Nexaweb.  Since lead nurturing is a topic bouncing around the halls of many SMBs, we asked Andy:

Is lead nurturing for everyone?

Ellicott:  “To varying degrees, yes. I think that the higher your leads-to-salesperson ratio is, the more value lead nurturing provides. As I mentioned before, I’ve seen lead nurturing enable sales people to process hundreds of new leads per month. It’s also really useful finding new qualified opportunities that are always popping up within a marketing database containing 1,000’s or 10,000’s of leads.

But I have also worked with companies that sell expensive technology into really niche markets with maybe dozens of potential customers (e.g., specialized financial e-trading customer service software). They have a slow new lead flow, which sales can easily process. Sales teams appreciate the stay-in-touch nurturing, but get zero-to-no benefit from new lead nurturing.”

For the complete interview with Andy Ellicott, download Lead Nurturing Best Practices for Small to Medium sized Businesses (SMBs)

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