Integrated Marketing

November 17th, 2010 by Don Dalrymple

Disparate systems can be a problem.  The continuity of data which helps you understand your return on investment for marketing initiatives is easily broken.  What is hard to manage becomes less motivating to use.  Thus, the problem of piecemeal marketing presents itself in a world where it is completely possible to measure the lifecycle of a prospective customer from interest to doing business.

An integrated marketing strategy measures interest from the very start.  Loopfuse is structured to measure the first engagements with your marketing automation campaigns from the internet, search and social media.  Redirect urls become critical to connect the visitor to their journey through your sales process.  When a Lead closes, then you have the complete picture of what is working and what is not.  The metrics are contained within a strategically designed system.

The age of speed requires you to remove friction from the feedback cycle of marketing.  Having the ability to measure, analyze and iterate is pivotal for marketing success.  In  your integrated marketing strategy in Loopfuse, you are set up for continuous improvement as you watch your funnel manage the movements of buyers on a personal and customized engagement.  With too much information out there, your buyer wants you to tune in.  It’s only possible if you are fast enough to make sense of the data and drive change quickly.  The old days of marketing silos are past us.  Ensure your strategy is completely integrated to keep pace with your buyers.

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