Inbound Marketing With Loopfuse

December 10th, 2010 by Don Dalrymple

Closed loop marketing involves seeing information within and through the sales funnel. Your different marketing channels constitute costs in terms of dollars and effort. Measuring this within Loopfuse can be done with the inbound marketing tool sets provided in Loopfuse in real-time.

Referring Sites

The feedback loop on your referring sites will help you to focus your content, social media and link backs effectively. See how people are finding you and build up the sources that may be unexpected yet promising while continuing to nurture already effective sources.

Inbound Marketing Keywords

Strangers start with search to find your value offering. Your keywords help you understand the psychology of your audience and gives you a feedback loop for how to further drive SEO marketing and PPC campaigns.

Get Found

Loopfuse is a strategic enabler to increase your landing site visitors and allowing your marketing automation system to convert leads. With the focus of increasingly integrated marketing, be sure to broaden your strategy for increased engineering of your sales funnel. Our marketing automation consulting with companies requires continual refinement to optimize the funnel. Inbound marketing is the way people buy today and your ability to tune in can be the difference between success and mediocrity.

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