Inbound Marketing Channels

November 30th, 2010 by Don Dalrymple

A well-designed Loopfuse Lead Flow will funnel traffic from your inbound marketing channel.  Your presence in cyberspace and the content which drives engagement creates an avenue for a click.  That click starts the opportunity to connect in a relevant, personal and timely way with a stranger.  Turning that stranger into a friend is the art and science behind the powerful Loopfuse demand generation engine.

The best way to set up campaigns which work are to think backwards.  Think about your past buyers and how they came to a buying decision.  Before that, there was:

  • Deliberation
  • Education
  • Awareness
  • Perceived Value
  • Clicks
  • Reading
  • Viewing
  • Cross-checking

All of this buyer activity constitutes a process.  Capturing that process to be repeatable is critical to Loopfuse success.  Miss steps or avoid the hard work of iterating and you miss revenue opportunity.

As you drive content, your inbound marketing channel will continue to be a vital feedback tool.  The strategy is everything.  The tool will do it.  Be sure to take necessary action to drive your success.  You can’t steer a parked car.

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