I didn’t realize LoopFuse Marketing Automation did that!

November 16th, 2010 by Richard Murdock

Recently I was on a call with a customer who had signed up for FreeView but was looking to upgrade to one of our paid packages. They had used our marketing automation system but had a few questions just before making the switch. As we discussed some of the setup to get a clean database after the testing phase, the subject of using lead capture to retain prospects was brought up.

One of the team members said “Oh we’ll just use Web2Lead and then import the data back in to OneView”. That is when I reminded them that OneView offered the ability to create lead capture forms and that would enable the use of many other features such as list segmentation, scoring, lead nurturing, and email campaigns without the extra steps of having to import CSV lists back from Salesforce.

They had temporarily lost sight of the purpose of marketing automation software. The idea is that OneView sits between your website and Salesforce, gathering data and helping you automate the process of capturing, nurturing, and qualifying leads before they are fed into your CRM where your sales team can take further action.

Once our conversation was over, the customers had realized exactly how they could leverage OneView to help with their marketing automation efforts and streamline their processes.

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One Response to “I didn’t realize LoopFuse Marketing Automation did that!”

  1. Charlie Ungashick says:

    For users of other marketing automation systems and SFDC’s own Web2Lead and campaign functionality, this is the moment when it “clicks” about how much easier things are with Loopfuse. Those 18-20 steps you used to take turn into just a few with Loopfuse.

    In the past you would have to create separate Web2Lead forms or use some database sitting on your Web site to capture leads. Once you capture them, you have to do a bunch of stuff on the receiving end of the lead to tag it to a campaign, route it to the appropriate person for follow up, and send a customized email to the prospects. All of that can be done in one place with Loopfuse, and done so with a lot more flexibility around drip campaigns, segmentation, and so on. Plus, you get lead scoring too for free.

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