How you can make life easier for your sales team

September 3rd, 2010 by Cindy Ryan

Getting qualified leads to your sales team cannot happen fast enough. When I think back on the days when I used to send spreadsheets full of leads to each individual member of my sales team based on territories, I cringe. That was the best way I knew how to show them where a lead came from, where it had been or simply what type of company they worked for. This type of information is invaluable to a salesperson. But so is there time – time is money and so back to my original point.  You need to get qualified leads and all the information that goes with them to your sales team as soon as possible. We all know that spreadsheets flying all over the place is not the answer.

What is the answer, your CRM, the place where salespeople live and breathe. Make the information accessible to them the minute they login to their place of record for everything they do – log calls, log emails, convert leads and forecast their pipeline. By providing your sales team with this information every time they call on a new lead you are making both of your lives easier. They are presented with all the qualifying information they need to have an interactive conversation with the prospect and you are not troubled with the manual processes of sending sales members spreadsheets full of leads.

This is something you get done right off the bat with LoopFuse.  You integrate your CRM so that all the leads that come in through your site are funneled to your CRM appropriately according to the settings you choose. At Loopfuse, I funnel my leads directly to the salesperson’s queue based on geography within  For example, we hosted a webinar a few weeks ago and with such a high registration count before the event I had salespeople eyeing the clock so that they could start following up on the attendees as soon as possible.

The event ended and I uploaded my list within Loopfuse Oneview.  During the upload process, LoopFuse Oneview asked “Do you want to export to your CRM” and in this case “yes I do”. These are leads that have already been qualified by expressing interest in our event. You can even add them to existing CRM campaigns directly from LoopFuse.

But a lot of the leads had been to our site before and many of them had already downloaded our whitepaper to get a better understanding of the tool. When my sales team pulled up a lead in the CRM – all of this information was there for them to review. So when they called on the prospect they could talk to the different interests that person had shown thus far in the investigation process. LoopFuse even provides a direct link to the product so any sales member can drill down into more detail on the lead’s activity or the company’s activity as a whole.

For instance, one lead had visited our FreeView page and lead nurturing page before attending the webinar. This might tell my sales rep that this lead is somewhat new to marketing automation but is looking for a way to nurture their leads through the sales funnel. All of this information in one view helps both my marketing team and my sales team work more efficiently when following up on leads. Not to mention, speaking intelligently to a lead about their pain points helps them relate better to you and the product which makes the sales process much smoother.

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  1. Nice summary of the feature, Cindy. Salespeople have to be happy that they can easily see the activity of their prospects.
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