How to Use Twitter Cards with Nearstream Social Prospecting for Better Engagement

July 30th, 2013 by Robert Pease

We posted previously about how you can use Twitter Cards and our LoopFuse marketing automation platform to combine social ads and lead capture.  Taking that a step further, you can use our Nearstream Social Campaigns with Twitter Cards to provide a richer content response plus a one-click sign up for the offer or promotion.

To get it all to work you’ll need to have access to Twitter Cards in your Twitter ads account.  Once you’ve got that simply add the link to the card to your response flights in Nearstream and when you see a demand signal, simply reply.

When the person decides to sign up or learn more with a simple click, you’ll get their contact information (including email address) just like they signed up using a form…but all done with a single click.  The process from there is as previously posted where you can use LoopFuse to do nurturing, scoring, integrate to, etc.

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