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What is Marketing Automation?

How Marketing Automation Works

Automation is the key-word in Marketing Automation. That is, common labor-intensive tasks are fully automated, thereby minimizing the cost of labor and increasing efficiency:

  • Capturing Leads
  • Identifying Quality Leads
  • Nurturing low-quality Leads (or current customers)
  • Routing Leads and informing Sales of their quality
  • Measuring the effectiveness of the entire Closed-Loop Marketing process

By automating the above tasks, marketers are able to focus on measuring response and conversion rates, and “tweaking” the automation platform for optimium effectiveness.

Closed-Looop Marketing diagram

The diagram above, depicts a common Closed-Loop Marketing cycle, powered by automation. Many of you reading this, probably wonder why we started the Marketing Automation discussion by listing the features on the first page. The fact is that the diagram above would not be possible without many (if not all) of the features listed on the previous page. In fact, they are essential to having an efficient fully automated closed-loop marketing process.

Data Aggregation

An seldom talked-about topic in the automation world (and what we believe to be a key benefit) is the consolidation of data across disparate data-sources. That is, the data you once had to pull from your Analytics package, your CRM, your Lead Capture database, and your Email Marketing solution are now consolidated under one roof. As stated, this is key to the process, as you are now able to leverage all of these pieces-and-parts in one fluid process, and more importantly, able to measure the success or failure of any one component along the chain.

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