Hosted images for email campaigns & new reporting in latest release!

December 3rd, 2012 by Robert Pease

Over the course of the last month, we added several new features and continued to enhance our infrastructure for great things ahead.  We appreciate all the feedback and want to hear from you, so please drop us a line to request a feature or tell us how we’re doing.  Here’s what’s new in our November 2012 release:

Email Campaign Detail Report

Based on your feedback, we’ve added a new standard report that provides email marketing details by campaign so you can run this report for a specified time period and see who opened, who clicked which links, and other activity.  Go to Reporting>Delivered Reports. We scheduled ours to arrive every morning for a view of the previous day’s performance.

This is a great view to provide your sales team or, even better, add an automated follow up email to anyone who took some type of action. Let us know if you need some help on setting that “2 step” up, we’re happy to help!

Hosted Images for Email Campaigns

This one has been on the list for a while and we’ve added it as part of a new architectural approach.  Simply create your email campaigns and when you want to upload an image, just specify the file and we’ll upload it.  You even have a library of all the images you’ve used for future use!  Simply select the Insert Image button in Campaign Builder then select the “Browse” button that now appears to the right of the Image URL field.

Infrastructure Enhancements

This is all the stuff you don’t directly touch but do see in terms of response times and product experience.  We’ve made huge investments here that will begin to show themselves in many new features and reports shortly so stay tuned for more!

Help Us with Our Product Roadmap!

We want to know how we’re doing and what you’d like us to build next so please take a few minutes and answer this 5 question product roadmap survey.

Special thanks to RonS, TomC, AdrienB, SusanP, and SnehaK for great conversations and feature feedback during November!

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