Great to be named a “Company to Watch” on the 2013 CRM Watchlist

April 1st, 2013 by Robert Pease

Paul Greenberg does so much for our industry from great insights to the CRM Idol contest to his annual CRM Watchlist publication.  We were very excited to be included as a “Company to Watch” on the 2013 CRM Watchlist and had briefed Paul early on about our strategy around combining Nearstream and LoopFuse into one company.  Here’s Paul’s write up on us:

“What makes Nearstream an intriguing choice for the near future is the recent merger between Nearstream and Loopfuse, both CRM Idol contestants. Individually, the CRM Idol judges thought well of each (see reviews of Nearstream here and Loopfuse here) and both were already solid companies with good sized customer bases and relatively mature products. Nearstream is a demand generation focused social analytics platform that finds highly targeted possible leads from the social stream and Loopfuse is an small business focused marketing automation/demand generation set of products, a bit comparable to Infusionsoft.  Separately good, together very strong possibilities for a small business focused marketing automation powerhouse.  But they are still a long way from being an impact player with all the market facing things to do, the mind share to capture, the depth of their competition and the integration of the products into that powerhouse I think it can become. That’s 18-24 months away, and on the right track.”

You can read the full post over on the Enterprise Irregulars blog here.

Thanks Paul!  We’re excited to be a company to watch and wear this with pride!

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