Gartner Group releases CRM Lead Management Magic Quadrant for 2013

May 6th, 2013 by Robert Pease

IT research firm Gartner Group released their 2013 CRM Lead Management Magic Quadrant in the last week or so.  We participated in this research process with analyst Chris Fletcher but, much like last year, did not fit their criteria to be included (exclusive focus on large enterprise customers key among them) so LoopFuse was not covered in the final report.

This report is valuable to the largest of enterprises who have significant budget available to invest in a complex and expensive CRM Lead Management system (aka, marketing automation).  Unfortunately, this leaves out a huge part of the market and CRM lead management solutions are not only for the largest companies in the world.  Any company can use CRM Lead Management and our approach is to do this in a true “try before you buy” format.  Do your research but there is no substitute for actually getting your hands on a product, using it, then making a decision to purchase it.

Congratulations to those identified as “Leaders” in the large enterprise segment of marketing automation (Oracle/Eloqua & Marketo).

We are staying focused on providing a full featured marketing automation system to small and mid-sized businesses at an affordable price.

UPDATE:  Here is a link to the actual 2013 CRM Lead Management Magic Quadrant over on Marketing Automation Times.

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