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Features Overview

Sophisticated yet Simple-To-Use Marketing Automation

LoopFuse OneView Features Overview

Marketing Dashboard

Dashboards provide a real-time, up-to-the-minute view across all of your Sales and Marketing activities, down to fine-grained detail on touchpoints with prospects, companies, CRM Leads, and CRM Contacts. From Email Marketing open and click rates, to the number of Leads created per hour within your CRM, our dashboards have it all. Read More

Email Marketing

Build awareness and interest using our easy-to-use and powerful email campaign solution. OneView’s integrated Email Marketing capabilities enable you to create great-looking email campaigns, personalized with recipient contact information. Powerful analytics and reporting help you fine-tune your ongoing email campaigns. Read More

Inbound Marketing

Analyze and track search engines, keywords, referring sites and direct traffic reaching your site. Discover what content marketing web pages and assets are most valuable to visitors and readers of your site. Read More

Lead Capture

Marketing Automation starts with a Lead. Our Lead Capture Forms integrate seamlessly with your current website forms, allowing you to automate the process of capturing, funneling (in to your CRM), and qualifying leads. Read More

Lead Nurturing

Lead Nurturing fully automates the process of qualifying prospects in to Leads or keeping your existing customers’ attention. OneView’s Lead Nurturing module is capably of analyzing every touchpoint with a particular prospect; website activity, contact information, email activity, and even real-time integration with your CRM. Read More

CRM Integration

Bi-directional integration with your CRM provides a fully-automated process for capturing, qualifying, converting, and measuring Leads, Contacts, and Opportunities. Additional plugins augment our CRM integration, providing sales personnel with real-time information on every Lead. Read More

Lead Scoring

LoopFuse OneView allows marketers to quickly create powerful lead scoring rules through the use of our lead scoring wizards. There is no complex coding, or hard to figure out syntax, so marketers can enter and maintain rules quickly. Read More

Lead Management

By tracking all visitor activities and centralizing registration information, we empower marketers to segment leads into separate groups with similar properties or activity profiles. With our automated programs, organizations can better manage responses from prospects while simultaneously focusing sales reps on the highest value prospects. Read More

Marketing Reports

In-depth reports designed to aid marketers in establishing actionable insight to their lead generation, capture and qualification methodologies. Our Reporting module covers every aspect of marketing across your database, including: prospects, website analytics, visiting companies, email performance, and CRM activities. Read More

Social Monitoring

LoopFuse OneView provides easy-to-use integrated social monitoring capabilities in one consolidated platform, so you can easily be part of the conversation in real-time. Read More

Third-Party Integration

LoopFuse OneView integrates seamlessly with popular Content Management Systems, Help Desks, CRMs, and Third-Party Business Directories, just to name a few. Read More

OneView API

If you’re a geek, start here. LoopFuse provides a Webservice API for retrieving and inserting information to/from your LoopFuse OneView account programatically. Since our entire User-Interface is built on our Webservice API, most of the functionality available within the user-interface is avilable for you to interface with. Read More