Entrepreneur Sean Ellis on Where Yahoo Went Wrong

May 19th, 2011 by srentner

When asked what he believes is the biggest startup failure in the past 5-10 years, marketing guru Sean Ellis, Founder and CEO of Freejit.com, says that what Google is  today, Yahoo could have been.  “Ten years ago Yahoo was in a position to dominate the web,” says Sean.  “It was a hot brand, loved by customers. Where they lost track is that they focused on their own business needs.” According to Sean, Google focused on what customers really wanted: a pure search model– and the company layered a business model on top of that.

Today, the mantra for B2B startup success, according to Sean, is ROI [Return-on-Investment]: “Demonstrate you can deliver ROI, and you’ll have a better business.”

Tune into to Sean’s full video interview, part of the  “5 from 5″ video snapshot series, to gather more insight, trends and tricks of the trade.

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