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OneView On-Demand Technology Overview

OneView On-Demand provides capabilities and features to meet the needs of successful marketing and sales organizations via a high-availability hosted offering (SaaS).

The People

What is technology without the people that stand behind it? LoopFuse was founded by professionals with a long history of building enterprise software in the email marketing and open source technology spaces. The history of our employees in building scalable enterprise systems on best-of-breed open source solutions allows us to offer unsurpassed scalability from a hardware and software standpoint, while at the same time, offer exceptional service and know-how to marketing and sales organizations.


  • Tier-1 hosting service. (2nd Largest in the world)
  • Complete redundancy in power, HVAC, fire suppression, network connectivity, and security
  • Secure, firewalled web servers.
  • Redundant core routers.
  • Carrier diversity (exclusively Tier-1 providers) over gigabit network.
  • Redundant core distribution switches.
  • Clustered servers for failover support.
  • Load-Balanced servers allow for unlimited throughput and scalability.

Software Architecture

  • Built on the Java® Platform, On-Demand (Java EE) Technology
  • Leverages JBoss® Application Server components:
    • Cache (Performance)
    • Clustering (Failover)
    • Hibernate (DB-agnosticism and cacheing)
    • Quartz (Scheduling)
    • JSF (Web components)
    • JBoss JAAS (Security)
  • Extensive security model (based on JAAS), allowing for fine-grained permissions configuration.
  • Clustering/Failover support at Hardware and Software levels.
  • Separate database instance per customer.
  • Database-Agnostic and Database Cacheing-enabled.
  • Pluggable CRM Service Provider Interface (SPI):
    • SalesForce.com
    • SugarCRM
    • CentricCRM
    • More coming soon…
  • Internationalization support:
    • English
    • French
    • Spanish
    • More coming soon…