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Lead Analysis

Once you have segmented your leads, qualified, or even routed them to your sales professionals, OneView allows marketing organizations to have a bird’s eye view of how a potential lead has progressed through you marketing and sales funnel, and valuable historic/demographic data that will increase the “Lead Intelligence” factor for your sales professionals.

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  • Fully automated CRM-to-LoopFuse data-gathering, gives you the latest up-to-date information regarding a specific lead.
    • Lead Score.
    • Sales opportunity stage.
    • Sales close amount.
    • Sales opportunity product interest.
    • Other sales contact data from your sales professionals.
  • LoopFuse “Lead Intelligence” provides relevant information to your sales professionals, increasing sales close rates.
    • Product Interest
    • Viewing habits – frequency and website viewing patterns
    • Web Form registration information
    • List memberships
  • Automated Geo-Location retrieval provides information to your sales professionals that helps augment their “Lead Intelligence”.
    • IP Address
    • City
    • State
    • Region
    • Country
    • Organization
  • Tight integration with support CRMs means that sales professionals can easily access all LoopFuse OneView data for a specific lead.