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Easy to Use, Easy to Implement

What good is a demand generation product, if its not intuitive enough for your marketing and sales professionals to use without the added expense of training and support? Whether you’re a sales representative investigating lead information inside of LoopFuse or a marketing administrator segmenting data from the millions of leads in your database, OneView retains its ease-of-use no matter how simple or powerful the task may be.

  • Intuitive user-interface allows marketing and sales individuals to concentrate in what they do best, not wasting time trying to master a complex tool or on the phone with support personnel.
  • Advanced options remain easy for anyone to configure
    • Scheduling of common tasks
    • Defining criterias for data segmentation
    • Configuring CRM integration
    • Configuring users of the system
  • Schedule-and-forget common tasks like, CRM exporting, list creation, and web analytics generation.