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End-to-End CRM Integration

OneView’s CRM Integration feature, allows organizations to automate the process of routing segmented (or all) potential leads to your sales professionals. LoopFuse can export as much, or as little information as a marketing organization would like, providing sales professionals with all the information they need on a qualified prospect.

  • Fully automated CRM integration features allows CRM exports for segemented lists according to user-defined schedules.
  • Export as much or as little information abou a lead as you feel the sales professional should have access to.
  • Fully automated CRM-to-LoopFuse data-gathering, gives you the latest up-to-date information regarding a specific lead.
    • Sales opportunity stage.
    • Sales close amount.
    • Sales opportunity product interest.
    • Other sales contact data from your sales professionals.
  • Tight integration with support CRMs means that sales professionals can easily access all LoopFuse OneView data for a specific lead.
  • Currently end-to-end support for SalesForce.com®, and SugarCRM®.