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Web Analytics Overview

For many enterprises, their website acts as the central hub for lead generation. How you organize your website information affects search engine rankings, user behaviour, and visitor conversion to qualified lead.

LoopFuse Web Analytics component allows organizations to better tune their websites to increase message response with accurate statistics covering a wide-range of metrics.

Web Analytics
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  • Aggregated website statistic reports can be generated across past weeks, months, and even years, or for a single day.
  • Conversion rates help marketing teams see how well their website message is formulated, leading anonymous visitors to becoming potential leads.
  • Integration of visitor data with our Geo-Location service, provides administrators access to accurate visitor demographics, such as:
    • Country
    • City
    • State/Region
    • Organization/ISP
    • Postal Code
    • Area Code
  • Search engine statistics allow organizations to better-tune their pages and message for maximum traffic, by aggregating:
    • Common search engine qeury phrases
    • Top search engine referrers.
  • Included overall traffic usage statistics serve as indicators of the overall health of your website and common traffic patterns:
    • Referral activity
    • Most viewed pages
    • Entry pages
    • Exit viewed pages
    • Unique visitors
    • Total visitors
    • Pages per visitor
    • Total form registrations
    • Visitor Operating System
    • Visitor web browser usage