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Email Marketing

Email Marketing – Build Awareness and Interest

  • Create and send great looking Email Campaigns.
  • Personalize emails using CRM contact information.
  • Schedule email marketing campaigns for delivery.
  • Track and Analyze email response metrics.
  • Flexible visual editor for novice and power users.
  • Email activity integration with your CRM.

Email Analytics

View, analyze, measure, and export real-time email campaign analytics on open, click, and bounce rates.

CRM Integration

Real-time updating of Email campaign opens, clicks, and recipient activities in to your CRM Lead and Contact records.

Dynamic Content

Personalize your email content with recipient information from Lead Capture Forms and your CRM record data.

End-to-End CRM Integration
Sales personnel can instantly view whether a Lead or Contact has been sent, opened, or clicked an email campaign from within your CRM. Email activities are inserted as-they-happen, ensuring sales personnel always have the latest activity for their Lead and Contact at their fingertips. Additionally, email messages can be personalized with Lead owner information from your CRM.

Message Formatting Tools
Powerful yet easy to use formatting tools behave much like your word processor. You can style and align your text plus insert hyperlinks and graphics. Advanced users can edit HTML directly and style email campaign content to their liking with unlimited flexibility.

Email Personalization
Dynamically swap out content using any piece of contact information from your database and recipient information found within your CRM Lead or Contact records. These stylized, personal emails help sales to automatically introduce themselves and initiate a personal dialogue with the prospect more quickly.

Email Deliverability
Ensuring your emails reach your target’s inbox is paramount to any successful email campaign. At LoopFuse, we take this very seriously. We use the market leading, email gateway software, from Port25 Solutions, providing us with the latest authentication specifications and compliance with policies for accountable outbound email delivery so that we can safeguard the delivery of your legitimate email marketing and customer communications. We also allow our users to fully configure email message headers, including return paths, so you can best ensure your emails can get through spam filters and you can better handle bounce-backs and replies directly from your customers.

Email scheduling
Timing is important for emails. By using LoopFuse OneView, you can schedule emails to be delivered at a specific time or in response to an activity, such as a new registration. Additionally, using our lead flow management capabilities, you can automate a rules-based, multi-part email marketing campaign to nurture leads and manage free trials or promotions. We also know it’s important that the same contact never receives the same email twice, so we track sends and prevent duplicate emails from reaching the same email address twice automatically.

Email Auto-Authentication
Auto-Authenticated email campaigns result in higher deliverability rates by reducing the chances of a specifc email message being caught in spam filters. Enabling auto-authentication in your LoopFuse OneView Email Campaigns lets the receiving email server know that the email is coming from “LoopFuse”, on behalf of “you”. By doing this, your email appears less suspect to email spam filters. Read More

Email monitoring
It’s important for marketers to track the success of their email campaigns, real-time, so you can make adjustments or additions to a campaign based on user response. LoopFuse OneView provides comprehensive reporting across LoopFuse and your CRM so you can see the complete picture of recipient activity, email bounces, bad email data, link activity, geographic breakdowns, as well as associated opportunity. This comprehensive reporting allows you to adequately judge the effect of marketing campaigns on real dollars. All analytics reports are clickable allowing you to drill into the specific leads and opportunities the individual email campaigns touched.

Email Analytics Reporting
Email analytics reports are provided in real-time, allowing you to gauge the success of your email marketing campaigns individually or in aggregate. Our Marketing Dashboards provide you with an up-to-the-minute view of your latest email campaign performance, so you can measure the success rates across all of your email campaigns.