Don’t ignore the long tail of your email campaigns

October 2nd, 2013 by Robert Pease

Most email campaigns are one-offs intended to push information, announce a promotion, or otherwise bring attention to something immediately.  Marketers have mastered the sent/open/click scorecard as a way to prove that marketing is working and the efforts put into email marketing activities are truly worth it.

After the first 24 or even 48 hours, interest in the campaign performance wanes and it is on to the next email campaign and all the excitement that leads up to it.

But what about all that activity that occurs after the first day?  What about the repeat opens that get registered long after the campaign has been forgotten?  Clicks on the links that register days, weeks, or even months later?

Welcome to the long tail of an email campaign.  Yes, some of this can be triggered by a mobile device, email application of choice, or other random web-based nuance BUT it is important to track and pay attention to as much of it is genuine signal of interest.

Someone who opens your email then marks it as unread to read later as a way to bookmark it or “stars” it a la Gmail as they triage their inbox are all actually much more interesting behaviors than an open within the first 3 hours of sending.  Multiple opens by the same recipient especially distributed after the initial send are worthy indicators of interest.

We suggest scoring these activities so that these interest signals are factored into your lead score and those most interested can be easily identified over time.  At a very minimum, run the Email Campaign Detail report daily to see what type of activity is registering from old email campaigns and who is doing what.

You’ll be surprised at just how much life all those email campaigns have long after you’ve moved on to the next one.

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