Don’t Hire – Automate!

February 24th, 2012 by Robert Pease

We love our customers and really love it when they tell the world why they chose us and how we are helping them manage leads, close business, and generally just rev the marketing engine.

The folks at Adzerk have done just that with this great post entitled Don’t Hire – Automate.  In it, they lay out why they sought out a marketing automation solution, what happened when they compared LoopFuse and Marketo, and the results they began to see immediately.  Read the whole thing.

Here is a great quote:

“We had a new problem: Not all inbound leads were the same value. My Mom signing up for Adzerk because she was proud of her boy was clearly not worth a call from the sales team. How do we weed out the valuable leads from the merely curious readers of an article? How do we nurture a potentially valuable lead that simply isn’t ready for a sales call, but could be a customer in a few months?”

..and we really love this one!

“We explored the usual players and quickly narrowed our choices down to Loopfuse and Marketo. Loopfuse was attractive because they had an entry level solution that was free to get started (remember we had a modest budget) and Marketo popular with some of our advisors. Marketo was pretty rigid with its terms and clearly didn’t need a small customer like us so after a call with each we quickly chose Loopfuse because they were easy to work with and eager to have us as a customer (Loopfuse is startup-y that way).”


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