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Product Demos

Overview Demos

5 Minute Demo

  • A quick look at OneView features.
  • Email Marketing overview
  • How scoring helps your sales team.
  • How flows define a prospect lifecycle.
  • Measuring performance with Analytics & Reporting.
  • CRM integration.

Feature Demos

Email Marketing – Build Awareness and Interest

  • Create and send great looking Email Campaigns.
  • Personalize emails using CRM contact information.
  • Schedule email marketing campaigns for delivery.
  • Track and Analyze email response metrics.
  • Flexible visual editor for novice and power users.
  • Email activity integration with your CRM.

Lead Capture – Seamless Integration

  • Wizard-based form-creator.
  • Capture leads for nurturing and emailing.
  • Real-Time sales alerts on captured prospects.
  • Wizard-based mapping of fields with your CRM.
  • Send Auto-Response emails to subscribers.
  • Analyze conversion rates with powerful reporting.

Lead Scoring – Qualified Leads Make Happy Salespeople

  • Wizard-Based lead scoring rule creator.
  • Choose from multiple rules to apply to your prospects.
  • CRM-Integrated lead scoring and grading profiles.
  • Lead Grading system designed for Sales enablement.
  • Analyze and segment top-scoring Leads for targeting.

Lead Management – Splice, Dice and Market To Your Leads

  • Import your Leads straight from your CRM.
  • Supports uploading of large lists via CSV Format.
  • Segment your database based on Lead information.
  • Segment your data for better lead management.
  • Easily segment your Leads based on website activity.
  • Export segmented lists for use in other systems.

Marketing Reports – Launch, Measure, Rinse, Repeat

  • Wizard-Based Marketing Report creation & scheduling.
  • Over 30 Marketing Report templates to customize.
  • Schedule Report delivery to your liking.
  • Generate and receive Reports immediately via Email.
  • Automate Report delivery across your organization.
  • Customizable time-ranges for each Report.