Demand Generation

Build More Qualified Leads and Improve Sales

Today, businesses are challenged, more than ever, to stand out in a market saturated with information from news, blogs, forums and social media. When searching for a new product or service, prospects are able to cycle through more information quickly and form educated opinions before they speak to any single company. In short, prospects are harder to engage, and the window to engage them is narrowing.

This is the age of the digital marketer, a new generation of marketing professionals who embrace the analytical thinking to specifically target prospects that are most likely to buy. LoopFuse OneView’s demand generation capabilities help today’s digital marketer drive awareness and interest in their products by providing real-time analysis and insight into prospect behavior so you can create timely, targeted marketing programs that drive revenue.

Integrated marketing programs

LoopFuse OneView automatically links lead capture and prospect browsing history with direct marketing campaigns and programs and sales activity directly into your CRM. By connecting your marketing programs and offers with trackable web assets like websites, landing pages and web forms, organizations now have an easy-to-use demand generation platform that ensures marketing programs can be measured real-time, and sales can track prospect activity and interest throughout the sales process.

Create market focus

Since all prospect behavior is tracked real-time and connected to marketing programs, LoopFuse OneView has the unique capability to provide comprehensive website analytics that shows marketers exactly which search terms, website pages and offers are attracting and converting prospects to sales. This deep insight into prospect behavior and sales activity allows the analytical marketer to identify areas of opportunity and focus marketing programs on specific market segments.

Identify hot prospects

Companies realize that all leads are not created equal. LoopFuse OneView helps organizations to more effectively manage large volumes of leads using lead scoring. By combining LoopFuse’s flexible programatic approach to lead scoring with its direct integration into the CRM, marketers can create a powerful framework that ranks leads based on activity or response values so that sales can focus on the top prospects in their pipeline first.

Automated lead development

There are many cases when an automated approach to lead development is appropriate. The prospect may be from a volume of leads that have yet to express product interest, or a lead that went cold in its qualification and development process. Rather than strain sales chasing down uninterested leads, it’s more effective for marketing to programmatically develop them and return them to the active sales process once interest has been established. LoopFuse OneView offers a complete lead nurturing platform to help marketers improve the effectiveness of their demand generation activities.