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CRM Integration

CRM Integration – Full Featured and Bi Directional

  • SalesForce.com AppExchange Certified partner.
  • Wizard-Based CRM Integration made easy.
  • Bi-Directional synchronization of Lead information.
  • Real-Time activity inserts for sales enablement.
  • Highly-configurable CRM interaction rules.
  • SalesForce.com AppExchange plugins provided free.

LoopFuse is a Certified SalesForce.com Partner and hosts several applications on the SalesForce.com AppExchange.

Flexible Integration

Regardless of your Marketing and Sales Lead routing processes, OneView’s flexibility is unmatched in the industry.

SalesForce.com Plugins

Certified SalesForce.com AppExchange plugins enable your Sales personnel to be kept up-to-date with the latest Lead activity details.

Bi-Directional Integration
LoopFuse OneView integrates effortlessly with your CRM, to provide you with a complete mirror of your Lead database that you can use to segment and target for email campaigns and Lead Nurturing programs.

Real-Time Lead Nurturing
Our Lead Nurturing platform makes real-time queries to SalesForce.com, allowing you to create complex programs easily, that are using real and current data from your CRM. Additionally, our Lead Nurturing programs can insert and update Lead and Contact record details, thereby allowing Sales reps to view real-time changes to their Leads.

Sales Enablement
Keep your Sales reps armed with the most current Lead data with programs that update fields and create activities real-time in Salesforce.com.

Flexible Configuration
Rarely do businesses share the same sales processing for routing and process Leads through the Sales funnel. At LoopFuse, we have made our CRM integration with flexibility in mind, to support a variety of Sales processes our customers have in place.

Keeping Lead data up-to-date
Let us manage the creation of new Leads and Contact in your database. If a Lead or Contact exists, we will simply keep that record up-to-date and synchronized between both databases.

SalesForce.com plugins
The OneView Prospect Activity SalesForce.com plugin provides Sales personnel real-time activity information on any Lead and Contact in their database. View up-to-the-second information on web site visits, email opens and clicks, and lead captures from within any Lead or Contact page in SalesForce.com. Easy-to-install via a wizard setup.

Measure Sophisticated Lead Activities
Easy-to-Use and Powerful reporting features, enable you to view all interactions LoopFuse OneView has with your CRM and measure the effectiveness of your Sales reps in interacting with the Leads you’ve created through marketing initiatives.