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About Us

About LoopFuse

LoopFuse is the brainchild of its two founders, Roy Russo and Tom Elrod, who met at SilverPOP. Both worked together at JBoss (acquired by Red Hat) while developing various portions of the JBoss MiddleWare Platform, one of the most widely-used middleware products on the market today. Additionally, the pair applied their engineering expertise to build the demand generation, email marketing and marketing automation solution that built JBoss into the leading software platform it is today. After a decade of experience in the email marketing and marketing automation space, they sought to build a new generation of marketing automation software that offers a more flexible, effective and affordable way for marketing and sales organizations to improve efficiency and reduce costs. After years of working with difficult-to-use and over-priced solutions in the space, they, again, applied their engineering expertise and practical business process knowledge to develop LoopFuse OneView as a new best-of-breed enterprise marketing automation platform.

LoopFuse was founded in 2007 and is a private company funded by True Ventures. LoopFuse’s world-class team of professionals is experienced in all aspects of sales and marketing, with seasoned executives from S1, Red Hat, Oracle, and Novell.

What are LoopFuse’s Products?

LoopFuse OneView offers convenience, by enabling marketers with a single application for all of their online marketing needs. OneView Marketing provides web analytics, lead capture, lead management, lead nurturing, CRM integration, and advanced reporting capabilities designed to remove costs and inefficiencies inherent in using disparate marketing systems. Marketers using OneView’s Marketing Automation capabilities benefit by having a complete view of all marketing campaigns and initiatives in one place, ultimately enabling them to qualify leads, shorten sales cycles, increase marketing and sales efficiency, and automate repetitive tasks. LoopFuse OneView helps marketers acquire, nurture, and qualify more high quality sales leads with increased efficiency at decreased cost.

How is LoopFuse Different?

Unlike other marketing automation solutions, LoopFuse OneView provides (end-to-end) Website-to-CRM integration via an easy-to-use (wizard-driven) and affordable platform. LoopFuse OneView is available for free (Free Forever), thus removing the risk and costs associated with adopting a new marketing system. As a complete Marketing Automation system, LoopFuse OneView offers unparalleled ease-of-use without the need for expensive consultants and professional service firms. Our active and open knowledge base and community forums provide an active exchange where hundreds of marketers and webmasters regularly share ideas and best practice advice.

Who are LoopFuse’s Customers?

As of October 2010, LoopFuse has been selected by over 800 companies worldwide. Customers range in industry and size, but are mostly small-to-medium size businesses. Below is just a small sampling of our current happy customers:

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