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Closed-Loop Reporting

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LoopFuse OneView provides in-depth reports designed to aid marketers in establishing better insight to their lead generation, capture, and qualification methodologies.

Funnel Analysis

OneView’s Funnel Analysis reporting tool, provides a level of clarity in to the Lead Funnel, that is not found competing products. Funnel Analysis provides marketers with quantifiable data, reflecting the rate at which prospects are advancing through your Sales process.

Funnel Analysis allows you to answer the most important question a marketer has to answer – At what rate are my prospects moving along the lead funnel?. LoopFuse OneView provides key metrics, such as the rate of conversion between First Contact to Conversion, or Lead to Opportunity. With better insight in to these key metrics, LoopFuse OneView then allows you to better tune your nurturing and campaign initiatives.

Prospect Funnel Progress Reporting

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Ever wanted to know how many days it takes for your prospects to move from one step of your sales process to the next? LoopFuse can supply you with exact figures, and at the same time, allow you to compare them with figures over a different time-range.

Our new Funnel Progress Reporting capabilities enable marketers to know exactly how long its taking for prospects to move along every stage of the Sales Cycle and Lead Funnel. The ability to contrast data between time-ranges, further extends the power of this reporting tool.

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Lead Funnel Trend Reports

Trend Reporting enables marketers with powerful reporting functionality that provides insight in to the movement of prospects along your Lead Funnel. Insight in to the progression of Prospects from the First Touch-Point to Conversion, to Opportunity is critical in better tuning the marketing and sales processes within your organization.