Check out our Fall 2013 release!

October 18th, 2013 by Robert Pease

We’ve been busy building out our marketing automation platform with some new features and additional infrastructure improvements.  Our Fall 2013 is now fully deployed and includes:

  • Activity Stream – a -real-time marketing performance dashboard showing email campaign activity, web page views, and form registrations.  You can find it under the “Dashboards” menu as “Activity Stream” or simply to go when logged into LoopFuse.
  • CRM Field List Segmentation – you can use fields directly from to build segmented lists.  For example, you can dynamically create a list of all deals that go to “stale” or similar status and tie that to a retention or re-engagement lead flow.  Let us know if we can help set that up for you!
  • New Lead Flow Controls – we’ve added capabilities to re-enroll prospects in lead flows, remove prospects from lead flows, and link lead flows to each other for improved lead nurturing and advanced scenarios.
  • Webhooks – for those of you who would like to have LoopFuse data pushed, real time, to external systems, webhooks are now available.  The activity streams are based on them and you’ll see a “Webhooks” option in the top menu on that page.  This makes a host of external integrations possible including to CRM systems for Google Docs by using awesome service Zapier or other systems that support webhooks.

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