LoopFuse Marketing Automation Case Studies

Currently used by many of the most effective web companies today, LoopFuse provides our customers with the ability to develop more efficient sales and marketing organizations and drive more revenue. The list below shows some customers who successfully use LoopFuse for their marketing automation needs and are proudly willing to share their success stories with you.

Zimbra, a Yahoo! company, is the software company that has been redefining the email and collaboration software space by applying modern technology concepts to the way people communicate. With over 41 million paid mailboxes and 200,000 visitors per week, Zimbra uses LoopFuse to help focus sales on the top prospects to help them continue their stellar growth.

Our efficiency has gone up 50% from the sales side for reaching out to customers and closing business. If you don’t have sales and marketing automation that is as easy to use and as powerful as Loopfuse, it’s really hard to scale your business on the web. As a business that is growing aggressively year over year, you can’t function without that kind of help focusing the sales team.”

Greg Armanini, director of marketing, Zimbra

Hyperic is the first monitoring and management tool designed for the bleeding edge environments of today’s web companies. Hyperic supports hundreds of thousands of user downloads and a very streamlined sales and marketing organization. Leveraging a high volume of registered users, Hyperic uses LoopFuse to help identify the top 2% of prospects to build their pipeline and drive revenue.

To build a successful, profitable internet business today, using marketing automation is not an option, it’s a requirement. LoopFuse has done an outstanding job of building a flexible, complete marketing automation system that is both easy to deploy for marketers and easy to use for sales. It’s a winning combination in my book and a must have for anyone in this business today.”

Stacey Schneider, senior director of marketing, Hyperic