Campaign Management

Build Campaign ROI Across Email, Internet and Landing Page Campaigns

The LoopFuse OneView’s marketing campaign management feature gives marketing organizations complete control over all marketing initiatives, including; email marketing, internet marketing, and traditional/print marketing. Our innovative ability to tie these marketing initiatives into your CRM information and web analytics, means that marketing organizations can, now, calculate the exact ROI value for all their campaign initiatives, be it a banner ad, email campaign or a highway billboard.

In essence, implementing LoopFuse OneView, enables companies to turn marketing from an art, into a science.

Hierarchical campaign views

LoopFuse OneView allows marketers to organize campaigns using grouping and subgrouping in order to better aggregate and drill into the components and performance of their campaigns.

Complete email marketing support

LoopFuse OneView provides marketers with an easy way to author, preview and publish your marketing emails using our browser-based WYSIWYG HTML and text email editor. The OneView system also tracks the performance of the leads and opportunities through its integration into your CRM. It provides marketers with broad visibility across the performance and sales of each campaign so you can quickly assess the ROI of your email campaigns.

Internet Campaigns

Internet advertising, including search engine marketing such as Google AdWords, banner ads, and link exchanges, is a focal point for marketers since it’s where many dollars are spent. LoopFuse OneView helps track the performance of these advertising campaigns by tracking click-through activity and return on investment through integration with your CRM.

Landing Page Campaigns

A typical way to track the performance of any print campaign, such as magazine ads, TV ads, or billboards, is to direct viewers to a unique URL called a landing page. LoopFuse OneView tracks the incoming leads off of these landing pages and ties them to a campaign and provides complete real-time analytics of the performance of this campaign all the way through revenue closing.

Unique Campaign Program Management

Each campaign is different, and so should be your organizational response to nurture and develop sales from prospects created through each campaign. LoopFuse OneView allows companies to create unique lead flows for each campaign respondent. This can range from a single email, to a longer multi-step email campaign based on continued user response or schedule, ensuring that you give the right response to each new prospect.