Building the business case for marketing automation

March 28th, 2013 by Robert Pease

Marketing budgets are limited and always smaller than we’d like them to be in a perfect world.  As a result, marketers have to make hard decisions about what to invest in and how much to invest along with an understanding of the expected return on that investment.

The decision to invest in marketing automation requires the same scrutiny both in terms of whether it is appropriate for your business and will it deliver a return greater than your investment.

We think these questions and the resulting business case are easy to address with LoopFuse.  Why?

  1. We offer an unlimited time free trial that provides the ultimate “try before you buy” experience.  You experience the product directly and we are here to help with tutorials, demos, help content, and direct support from our team.  Our free trial version has all the capabilities of our paid versions minus our Webservice API.  If you need to test that piece of the product, we’re happy to enable it for a limited time.
  2. One of the fastest paybacks in the industry with plans that start at just $295 per month.  The efficiencies gained by implementing a simple email drip campaign, scoring leads to better prioritize sales outreach, and just knowing more about your prospects (site visits, referral sources, etc.) more than justifies this monthly investment.  We deliver a lot of bang for the buck!
  3. A lower overall total cost of ownership (TCO) with no need for long and expensive implementations or additional staff to manage the system day-to-day.  Our customers are up and running in hours if not minutes (see #1 above) and we don’t believe you need to hire a dedicated “marketing automation administrator”  to manage LoopFuse.  Anyone on your marketing (or sales) team can be a power user with limited training and we become an extension of your marketing team and lead management efforts vs. adding overhead costs.  We even offer affordable QuickStart packages to get you up and running that start at just $500.

So there you have it.  Build your business case for marketing automation by actually using a marketing automation system.  We’re confident you’ll see immediate results and that the business case will almost write itself!

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