OneView On-Demand Benefits

LoopFuse enables enterprises to maximize their return on investment by enabling B2B marketers to nurture and manage leads more productively, by automating processes, creating measurable processes, and helping to “Close the Loop” in marketing/sales initiatives.

OneView On-Demand provides capabilities and features to meet the needs of successful marketing and sales organizations via a hosted offering (SaaS).

Easy-to-Implement, Easy-to-Use

LoopFuse One View - Marketing Dashboard

Special attention has been dedicated to designing our user-interface in the most user-friendly way possible, while not inhibiting advanced users from leveraging the full power of an enterprise-grade demand generation solution. From dynamic form building, list generation and scheduling, and ultimately exporting qualified leads to your CRM, all functionality is made available in an easy-to-use administrative dashboard, allowing for complete control of the entire process. Powerful administrator and implementor/developer documentation guides are also made available, that cover topics such as installation, integration, administration, extending our software, and more.

Immediate Results

Marketing and sales organizations are able to begin identifying, qualifying, and exporting leads to their CRM, immediately after integration. Every potential visitor arriving to your website will provide immediate qualification information and valuable web analytics data for marketing organizations to maximize the sales-generating power of their websites and efficiency of their marketing campaigns.


Marketing and Sales organizations, of any size benefit from the light-weight, easy-to-use, and powerful One View On-Demand. OneView provides features and functionality to automate marketing tasks that will have an organization up and running with an enterprise-ready demand generation product in minutes.


LoopFuse leverages best-of-breed open source technologies allowing us to have much lower costs and operate with greater efficiency. This allows us to innovate faster than our competitors and pass on the savings to our customers.

Peace of Mind

OneView On-Demand allows enterprises to focus on what they do best, by removing the need to install software and manage internal infrastructure for our demand generation product. LoopFuse uses a Tier-1 hosting facility with redundant networks, automated data backups, disaster recovery service, and clustered high-performance servers.