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Lead Nurturing with Education

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

If your buyer is not educated, then they will feel unready to engage the sales conversation with your team.  Filling this gap with strategic marketing automation lead flows in Loopfuse that help the buyer to ask the right questions sets up a qualified lead for your sales team.

If you sell a sophisticated product or service, expect that much of the focus of your marketing automation campaigns will revolve around education.  If you provide this value to potential buyers, then your expertise becomes established in their mind.

Here are some approaches we have used to in our marketing automation consulting to help our clients funnel their prospects through the buying process which will help you design your own processes: (more…)

3 Loopfuse Sales Handoff Tips

Friday, June 24th, 2011

Making Loopfuse work with your sales process is more than just integrating and Loopfuse.  That is merely the technical aspect.  The process and synchronization of sales activities with marketing automation must be thought through, implemented and adopted by your team to extract maximum benefit from your Loopfuse implementation.

To drive Loopfuse success here are three tips which you can use to have maximum impact on converting leads: (more…)

Lead Nurturing Campaigns For New Site Visitors

Friday, March 4th, 2011

Loopfuse lead nurturing can help create a sales pipeline which never expires.  As your site visitors are attracted from your inbound marketing or outbound sales efforts, use Loopfuse to capture leads via web forms for compelling value in the form of content.  This middle of the funnel approach continually brings value and builds trust with your prospective buyers before they decide to engage your sales process.

Consider the following three campaigns to implement as general marketing automation campaigns within Loopfuse to start. (more…)

The right marketing automation partner can help you avoid the avoidable mistakes

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

On the surface, implementing a marketing automation tool appears fairly simple.  The problem though, is in not knowing what you don’t know.  Implementing a tool isn’t that hard, but getting it setup in a way, with the processes to match, to produce business value is another matter.  This is not an effort you want to go alone.  Like a tile floor, if it’s done wrong you have to rip and replace.

Someone that knows a thing or two about marketing automation, having installed and trained some of the earliest implementation of said tools is Don Dalrymple, President of AscendWorks.  Beyond his deep knowledge of the inner workings of many marketing automation tools, Don is also extremely well versed in training marketing organizations to focus on the customer rather than the process.