Article: Top Business Reasons for LoopFuse Demand Generation

With a burgeoning demand generation space, and plenty of proprietary offerings to choose from, here are a few key reasons why we believe LoopFuse has the most to offer your sales and marketing organizations:

Our business model, means lower costs for you.

Open Source business models are inherently disruptive forces in most software markets. One of the benefits of adopting an open source business model is being able to leverage the open source ecosystem (standards, components, methodologies, and community) and the speed of innovation and cost-savings it buys us.

Because of our business model, LoopFuse is able to innovate at a far greater pace than our competitors. The speed of innovation and leveraging of the open source ecosystem lowers our marketing, sales, and development costs. This results in savings which are then passed on to our customers.

We increase ROI in marketing.

LoopFuse OneView helps marketing organizations by:
  • Lowering the cost of obtaining qualified leads.
  • Automating lead management tasks and exporting leads to your CRM.
  • Measure the ROI for specific marketing initiatives.
  • Providing an full-featured web analytics solution for website and search engine activity.
In essence, LoopFuse helps turn the art of marketing in to a quantifiable science, increasing their efficiency, increasing initiative effectiveness, and lowering their costs for obtaining and qualifying leads.

We increase sales effectiveness.

LoopFuse offers sales organizations the benefit of increased efficiency by providing only qualified leads and a wealth of information for that lead. This removes the time wasted on cold/unqualified leads, allowing your sales force to focus solely on those that will have a positive return on the time spent.

Additionally, LoopFuse OneView helps sales team members by providing in-depth detail on a specific prospect. A sales person can then tailor his message to the individual’s demographic profile, product interest, region/location, and other registration information.

We provide expert support.

Whether using our Open Source or On-Demand, customers will receive world-class support covering all aspects of our demand generation solution. From integrating your websites, advice on how best to mine your community, and even best practices in qualifying prospects, LoopFuse understands your business, the mechanics of demand generation, and is here to help.

We build enterprise-class solutions.

No matter the size of your marketing and sales organization, LoopFuse was built with scalability in mind. Levering open source components and methodologies, allows LoopFuse to scale and innovate faster than our proprietary competitors. Our On-Demand features our second-to-none in the industry with regards to scalability, network reliability, and the power to innovate quickly.