Article: A layman’s guide to demand generation – Part 1: Automation, qualification, and measuring ROI

If you are new to the concept of Demand Generation, this short pictorial is for you. It outlines the solutions provided by a demand generation technology for a common use-case.

In the scenario below, a demand generation technology was implemented and successfully provided the marketing and sales teams with higher efficiency due to automation of lead capture, qualification, and routing. Additionally, the marketing team is able to measure that the banner-ad they’re paying $x per month for, has resulted in sales of $y.
  • Web Analytics coupled with demand generation provided banner-ad tracking as source for this user.
  • Automated lead capture.
  • Automated lead qualification and scoring.
  • Automated qualified lead export to a CRM.
  • Provided vital interest information to sales person, regarding qualified lead.
  • Marketing is able to measure the effectiveness of the original banner-ad and measure ROI.