Are you ready to lead?

July 19th, 2010 by Marcus Tewksbury

The face of marketing is changing.  Techniques and approaches that worked as recently as 18 months ago will fall by the way side within the next 18.  I’ll paraphrase Gretzky here; the goal is to not be where the ball is, but where it’s GOING TO BE.  To take advantage of the emerging opportunity you need to start preparing today.

While there will be other components to the messaging mix, the most important ones, that I call the Big 6, are going to be key.  Review the following list.

Are you ready, or do you need to get to work?

1.  Website
– Optimizing page structure and wording for SEO
– Setting up tailored landing pages for cross channel campaigns
– Hosting webinars and other rich media destination content

2. Email
– Eliminating acquired list mailings
– Growing list of 1st party opt-ins
– Using for retention campaigns

3. Search
– Building a link back network
– Optimizing all forms of content for specific keywords
– Exploring emergent search engines like Facebook

4. Display
– Incorporating as part of a broader cross channel campaign
– Utilizing highly targeted, verticalized networks
– Tracking all of your referral sources

5. Content Syndication
– Developing content specifically for off-site deployment
– Establishing outlets on YouTube, SlideShare, Scribd, etc.
– Using simple syndication through RSS, Feedburner, etc.

6. Social Engagement
– Targeting specific communities to penetrate
– Actively commenting and publicizing others content
– Growing followings and connections

If you can put a check next to all of these you are in pretty good shape.  You have a strong foundation to work from and are ready to start innovating!


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