Are you getting gold medal results from your email lead nurturing efforts?

August 6th, 2012 by Robert Pease

The Olympics are in full swing in London and we are watching the thrill of victory and agony of defeat play out in tape delayed awesomeness.  Winners and losers are separated by hundredths of a second – literally a blink of the eye.

We’ve been enjoying watching all the events here at LoopFuse and it got us to thinking about being a world class performer in things other than swimming or gymnastics.  We decided to take a look at our own email lead nurturing programs and share how some of them have been performing over the past 30 days or so.

We’ve covered previously the huge impact that even the simplest lead nurturing program can have on your sales cycles and sale pipeline performance.  They key is to send fewer emails at the right time based on where a prospect is in their buying journey.  Please, no batch and blast email campaigns.

We have a variety of lead flows enabled for our own use and took a look at one that is focused around those who have an interest in using LoopFuse with specifically around our lead assignment capabilities.

Number of recipients (emails sent):  295

Average open rate: 31%

Average click rate: 11%

Not too shabby.  The point here is that this is a limited number of emails sent in context to where a prospect is in the buying cycle.  Would we like more opens and clicks?  Of course, but we also understand that there will be more people entering this lead flow daily and many entering more advanced stages of our sales pipeline based on this engagement.

If you are still stuck in the batch and blast email marketing mindset, please take the time to think about setting up even the simplest lead nurturing program.  You will get better engagement and your prospects will stick around longer (vs. unsubscribing from irrelevant and poorly timed email blasts).

Want to get started with email lead nurturing?  Read this post on a Simple Lead Nurturing Example for Every Business. Want to set one up in LoopFuse?  Read this post on Setting Up a Simple Email Drip Campaign.  Ready for more advanced lead nurturing that includes conditions, mapping to stage of the sales pipeline, and other prospect activity?  Check out A Little Lead Flow Love: Setting Up Your Lead Nurturing Email Program.

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