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OneView API

Extending LoopFuse OneView, one Byte at a Time

  • Interact with your OneView account via WebService.
  • Create mashups for your own internal use.
  • Fully documented API calls and response codes.
  • JSON-format responses for easy interpretation.
  • Encrypted connections for added security.

JSON Format

Since our entire user-interface is built upon an AJAX-JSON interchange, we leverage that same communication within our WebService API.

Fully Documented

We’ve painstakingly documented every method call and possible response for you, removing the guess-work when coding to our APIs.

Safe & Secure

Our WebService API enforces a secure connection with valid authentication, thereby minimizing the potential of exposing your account.

Mash-it Up
By leveraging our WebService APIs, many customers have been able to create internal mashups (or datamarts) where they are able to pull in LoopFuse data and data from other disparate source for their own use. Integrating your OneView prospect or company data with that of your internal billing or accounting software is a snap and will make your CEO smile.

Standard JSON Formatted Responses
Since our standard responses to WebService calls are in JSON format, you should have an easy time testing your API calls without writing one line of code. Simply hitting a URL with your browser, will give you the response that you can then analyze.

It’s in our User-Interface
Our User-Interface leverages the same WebService API calls as we expose to you. This means that you should expect the same speedy response from using our WS API as you see within our application.

What’s Up, Doc.
Full documentation can be found here, in our Reference Documentation section of our Knowledge Base, and in case you need a little extra help, feel free to post to our forums and one of our developers will quickly lend a helping hand.

Encrypted and Valid Authentication Enforced
Securing your data is a top-priority, and that is why we enforce strict rules on who can access our WebServices under rigid guidelines. That is why you can be assured that your data is not easily accessible by evil-doers. We aren’t going to tell you all the rigid security practices we enforce, as it would be an invitation for the evil doers to do evil, but rest assured, they are super-rigid.