All you need to know about agile marketing

March 20th, 2013 by Robert Pease

We’re huge fans of Scott Brinker and the work he does over on the Chief Marketing Technologist blog – ChiefMartec. He put a great presentation together on “agile marketing” and we wanted to feature it here on our blog.

“Agile” is a concept around fast moving activities, rapid testing, and frequent delivery that started on the software development side of the house. Many of these same concepts are driving best practices around new marketing approaches especially as the technologies to enable marketing (like marketing automation) become more widely adopted.

Scott shared his deck from the Marketing Operations Executive Summit and it is jam packed with great stuff on the concept of agile and how to make it part of your marketing activities. Great work Scott!

Agile Marketing: Managing Marketing in a World of Constant Change from ion interactive

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