A 30 day email nurture plan for your startup

September 12th, 2011 by Robert Pease

If you are in the midst of starting or building out a company, you know how hard it is to get a product launched let alone get people to try it.  We live in a world of limited attention spans and it is getting increasingly harder to keep someone’s attention once you get it.

If you offer a web-based service, you know this all to well – how’s that cohort analysis looking?

An email nurture program won’t make up for a buggy product or one that doesn’t quite solve a pain or need for a user but it can help keep you engaged with your customers as they first begin to use your product or service.

The plan below focuses on the first 30 days of the user experience.  Definitely expand your plan to look beyond this timeframe with well-spaced (every 3-4 weeks) emails that focus on the problem your customers are solving and not “newsletters.”  No one likes newsletters.  Even better if they are delivered based on a “triggering event” of some kind like watching a demo video, accessing a piece of content, attending an on-line event, etc.

Days After Registration


Call to Action


Confirm your account

Click activation link


Get started

What now? Use product with a link to sign in page


Tips & best practices

Return to product with ~3 specific tasks to perform that deliver highest value


We need your feedback

Click and fill out quick 3-5 question survey


Tips from other customers

Top 3 things that others/you suggest a new user does based on existing customer happiness


Power user features

Top 3 advanced or a least beyond simple tasks above that reveal additional value


How are we doing?

Make sure they are happy & ask for survey completion again

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