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5 from 5 Video Series

"5 from 5 Video" Series

LoopFuse interviews five startup experts with the following questions:

  • What is the hottest B2B high tech startup space right now?
  • What attracts you to working with/at a startup?
  • Most spectacular B2B high tech startup failure in the past five years? Why did it fail?
  • The mantra for success in real estate is "location, location, location." What’s the mantra for success for the B2B high tech startup?
  • What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned as a high tech entrepreneur?

Dave Rosenberg

Entrepreneur and Founder, Nodeable

Your product has to match both the needs of the customer in terms of what their business necessity is, but also in a way that they want to consume it…”

Ethan Bloch

Entrepreneur and Co-founder, Flowtown

If you don’t have a cost-effective system for generating leads, then you’re business is dead.”

Hiten Shah

Entrepreneur and Founder, KISSmetrics

The most important lesson I have learned as an entrepreneur is not to smoke your own crack, so to speak. You need to test all your assumptions with customers , otherwise you could go down a path for a long time and figure out – too late – that it won’t work and [you can’t] generate high growth of it.”

Sean Ellis

Founder and CEO, Freejit.com

One of the hottest startup spaces is in mobile security. You need to safely bank and buy things and manage your life on your handheld. This has opened up a lot of opportunities.”

Kenny Van Zant

Entrepreneur and Angel Investor

At a startup, anything is possible. In fact, that’s essentially what it takes to make a startup successful.”