4 Reasons Why LoopFuse Forms Are The Best Web-to-Lead Solution

November 28th, 2011 by Richard Murdock

We’re always getting good questions from new users on the benefits of using LoopFuse in various ways. One question that seems to come up time to time is: “How do LoopFuse web forms differ from Salesforce.com’s Web-to-Lead feature?” Web-to-Lead and LoopFuse forms do share a lot of common functions, so I think that is where the initial confusion lies. LoopFuse forms can do everything Web-to-Lead does, such as capture data, return to a Thank You page, trigger an auto-response email, and assign registrants to a specific Salesforce.com campaign. There is quite a bit more, however, that LoopFuse forms can do for your Lead capture.

Here are a few ways that using LoopFuse can be better for capturing Leads on your website.

1.  Use Lead flows on submission
When a prospect is captured with a LoopFuse form, you can trigger lead flows that will carry out a series of events. You can use conditional nodes to evaluate field values captured on your form and take action based on those values. For example, we ask whether a lead uses Salesforce.com on our account signup form. Conditional logic in the lead flow attached to that form allows us to send out different messaging based on the value of that field.

2.  Create segmented lists based on captured data.
You can use forms to gather data that may not yet be actionable. You can create segmented lists within LoopFuse based on captured field values and use those lists as targets for specific marketing efforts. Lists are generated hourly, so your segmented information is always up to date and ready to go.

3.  Only export Leads to Salesforce when they are qualified to move on.
One major drawback to Web-to-Lead is the fact that everything captured on that form goes directly in to Salesforce.com. That may not be the best situation, especially if the form gets filled out by spammers. Using LoopFuse to capture data allows you to nurture a prospect through your Marketing Automation, which will help qualify that Lead before they are even sent over to Salesforce.com and your sales team.  This way your sales team doesn’t have to spend time sorting through the junk, and they can focus on those better qualified leads.

4.  Supports 3rd party integration.
LoopFuse forms are usable in some popular CMS packages such as Drupal (via module) and WordPress (via plugin). We can also integrate with Wufoo so you can take advantage of their advanced form validation features. These integrations help reduce spam submissions and make sure you get better data submitted from the start.

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