3 Tips for Content Marketing Success

November 3rd, 2011 by Robert Pease

Now more than ever content plays a dominant role in your marketing plan.  They key is not the quantity of content you produce but the quality and value to your target audience.  No, I don’t mean hire a copywriter to churn out 500 word blog posts on search term optimized topics. I mean make your content strategy central to your company and focus on both the creation and distribution of it.

Here a 3 tips for content marketing success that will get you pointed in the right direction:

1.  Put yourself in their shoes

Think about how you consume information these days then think about how and where your target audience will consume information.  Your goal is to be in those places.  If there is a blogger who is prominent, then reach out and get to know that person.  Fill them in on your company, product, and strategy.  Is there a news feed, posting board, email list, etc. that dominates the limited attention of your target audience?  Get on it as either contributor or sponsor.

2.  Don’t send marketing messages

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that your content is all marketing copy.  If fact, make sure that the least amount of marketing copy finds its way into what you produce.  You are an expert at the problem you are solving for your customers so project that expertise.  Don’t tell people how great your product is or reinforce the feature/benefit matrix you labored over.  Tell them how to be more successful at their job, how to build skills that will increase their value, or provide insight that they can share with their peers.

3. Always Build Content

A spin on the ABC of selling made famous by Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glenn Ross for marketers.  You should always be thinking about building content and how the things you do as a company can be a source for that.  Do you have a unique way of running your business that is relevant to your target audience?  Write a blog post about it. Do you use your own product (I hope so)? Share your own tips and tricks as a customer.  Do your customers give you good feedback or advice? Share it.  Use the stage you have as a way to promote your customers.  The success of their business is based, in part, on them being your customer so give them center stage.

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