3 Marketing Automation Strategies Using Loopfuse

December 16th, 2010 by Don Dalrymple

The promise of marketing automation is to create a repeatable, predictable process for nurturing unready leads.  In so doing, you gain the advantage of creating an automated funnel.  Your leads become ready for your sales process and in turn, previously neglected leads become valuable for a continuous pipeline.

Marketing To The Unready

The majority of your leads are not ready to buy today.  They are early in the sales process.  Their goal is to learn about you and build trust.  The question is if you provide value and educate the buyer before they lose attention or find what they need from your competitors.  Your marketing automation strategy needs to focus on buying.  Buying is before selling.  It is the mindset of your leads before they engage you.  In our marketing automation consulting, the three key strategies to drive your Loopfuse system are decision points, value propositions and a consistent call to action.

Decision Points

In order for your Loopfuse system to be effective, your landing site should be well targeted for a specific buyer profile.  Present the buyer with either one or a few decision points.  There should be a click that is specific which you desire.  Limit each page to as few clicks as possible and ensure the layout of the page lends itself to the desired action.

Value Propositions

Your buyer is initially looking to become educated.  Help educate them through your marketing automation system so they can understand how your industry, market and product work.  Allow them to be comfortable to ask the right questions when they are ready.  Empowering your buyer is a powerful way to build trust and goodwill.  You are delivering value in doing so.

Ensure your value proposition is packaged in a high quality and digestable fashion.  Videos, white papers and articles are mediums which need to have both content and design elements to engage the buyer.

Call To Action

The call to action must be specific and readily available.  It can be in subsequent landing pages or within autoresponse emails from your marketing automation campaigns.  Regardless, ensure the call to action is clear and definite.  Often this is a request for a consultation or ordering a product or service package.

Be careful of making the call to action a large step.  It should be proportional to the amount of trust you have at the step in the marketing automation process your buyer is in.

Inbound Marketing Consulting Best Practice

The best practice is to put yourself in your buyer’s shoes and deliver proportional value and next steps according to the trust being built.  Your buyer is getting to know you.  Date them without pressuring them and you will find a natural progression in trust.  By the time the call to action is taken, it is because your system nurtured with effectiveness.

Loopfuse Success

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