3 Loopfuse Sales Handoff Tips

June 24th, 2011 by Don Dalrymple

Making Loopfuse work with your sales process is more than just integrating Salesforce.com and Loopfuse.  That is merely the technical aspect.  The process and synchronization of sales activities with marketing automation must be thought through, implemented and adopted by your team to extract maximum benefit from your Loopfuse implementation.

To drive Loopfuse success here are three tips which you can use to have maximum impact on converting leads:

1. Conduct Thorough Sales Training

Your sales team will have data available to them within their Lead records.  They need to make sense of the information and distinguish between knowledge and action.  The former helps them assess the quality of leads.  The latter helps them react tactically.

For instance, if they have open activities in their Lead records, there needs to be expectations set on completing the task to call or reach out to a prospect.  Help them understand the impact of being late and how that can affect a ready opportunity.  Explain how Loopfuse is helping the timing of their sales call.

2. Make Lead Scoring Mean Something

The Lead Flow processes you set up along with prospect activity capture will generate ongoing lead scores.  Your sales team needs to know what the scoring means and how to prioritize their activities.  Help them translate the scores into action and meaning.

You may need to create new filtered lists or reports in Salesforce.com ready your sales people on lead scoring.  Furthermore, triggered reports from Loopfuse to the sales team with the Top 100 Leads are also highly beneficial.

Let them know that the scoring will continually be optimized.  Have a thorough dialogue and ensure there is buy-in.  Future iterations to your Lead Flow campaigns will benefit from the trust and buy-in.

3. Allow Control Of Notifications

Your sales users have permissions in their Loopfuse accounts to set notification settings of events that will matter to them.  Review the options and allow them to toggle the notifications according to their level of need in their role.  They will understand what data will matter and what will merely clutter.

Show them examples of the notification emails and help the content to have meaning so it does not end up as an ignored email in their inbox.

Loopfuse Success

Loopfuse success relies on your sales team working with real-time marketing information which was previously inaccessible.  The digital data that sales now gets with their sales activities helps to drive a fluid buying experience.  In your sales handoff, be sure to paint the big picture and how marketing automation works hard for them in areas such as following up.

Be sure to review the entire buyer process as well so they understand what the buyer is personally experiencing.  This will set context and help them in their sales conversations.

What are issues you face with sales integration?

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